Superbowl Ready

I asked God to use me to write SOMETHING for SOMEONE as I tend to do before every post. Only this time, I struggled to fight through all of the “other” things in my mind to get a clear word… so I will let the Holy Spirit guide my fingers and heart as I write today. I entered the first week of the new year with extreme excitement and serious optimism about what God has in store for Twenty Eleven! I suppose my students came back on a similar high, as they were genuinely excited to be back and were phenomenal kids this entire week!! They pushed me to work harder this week for them, feeding off of their incredible energy! They also reminded me of my assignment for the remaining 5 months of school, showing me that God has called us to perform in Excellence in everything that we do! As the week progressed however,

 I realized that just because I came back feeling brand new, it surely didn’t mean that everyone else around me did. I felt surrounded by grumpy curmudgeons who lost their passion somewhere along the line and now sought to steal the joy of everyone else because they were unhappy. Do you know this kind of person? Well… The only thing I could do this week was literally keep a smile on my face and pep in my step in hopes of spreading my peace disease. Not only did I have to deal with blah co-workers, but later in the week I was also “dumped” so to speak.

Why am I able to write this? Well because I am secure in God’s will for my life, and I know that ultimately HE is in control. Thank God for closing doors and not just opening them!! Needless to say, my bright light at the start of the week quickly dimmed by the close of the week. So what’s my point? Well… Its all a season. Like football. And whoever wins the most “games” goes to the big game, The Super Bowl. I am DETERMINED to win these games this season because ultimately I want that Superbowl ring.

Or in other words.. The EViDENCE of winning Big for GOD. So to
capture the essence of my learned lesson in the start of a new year
I leave you with this:
Keep God as your coach, The Holy Spirit as your Captain, and Jesus as your QB and you will be SURE to score that Touchdown!! I would be remiss if I didn’t say this final piece:
Black and Purple. Black and Purple!!! GO RAVENS!!!! Lol
_April Christina_

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5 Responses to Superbowl Ready

  1. Tristan says:

    I always enjoy your blogs april. Feels like I know you somehow.

  2. Indigo says:

    “Thank God for closing doors and not just opening them!!” Enough said my bold and fab sister!!! We have to be grateful for everything He does to show us where we are to be within His will. Glory hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. boldandfab says:

    Love this blog April! I love the Superbowl analogy and the “Keep God as your coach, The Holy Spirit as your Captain, and Jesus as your QB and you will be SURE to score that Touchdown!!” … were we disagree is the whole “Go Ravens” part! LOL! Great blog sis! ~ Bianca

  4. Rickey E. Macklin says:

    Amen! Like the analogy myself. With that in mind – You absolutely cannot go wrong. Thanks for your transparency as well. Fa Sho – God has a way of closing one door to open another. Its a new season for you and the old ground needed to be cleared first. Now, He (God) can tread New ground to plant New seed. Get Ready For The Harvest!!! It will be Incredible! 🙂

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