Gold has been making a comeback in a big way as a beauty accessory and an investment tool. Especially during the fall and winter season, the shine of gold against our deep colored fashions blend beautifully. However, a woman who is bold and fab knows that her gold has always been in style and shines brighter then any pieces you could find in a jewelry store.

This gold is made similarly to the kind that brightly dangles from the neck of the fashionable, it starts from great pressure and heat and is melted and molded into a thing of beauty. The difference between the temporary gold and the lasting gold is one is made by God and placed to match our spirits within.

When you see A BOLD & FAB GIRL who adorns this gold, she has a shimmery shine that glows of peace, patience, and kindness. She always has an awesome testimony of great trial and struggle that she allowed to melt and mold her. She knows that each season that she endures, her gold shines brighter and she attracts more people who wants to know more about her. She realizes her gold is not just for herself but for the good of others and the glory of the Lord.

To maintain this gold, you would have to continue to trust and obey the Lord. You must know that His Word is a love letter of direction for your life that works everything out for your good. Your footsteps must strive to stay on the right path and if they were to fall upon the wrong path, to stop, turn around and get back on the right one while appreciating God’s amazing mercy and grace.

It says in Job 23:10-11, “But He knows the way that I take; when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold. My foot has held fast to His steps; I have kept His way and not turned aside.

Come out bold, fabulous, and beautiful shining with the gold of God on your life!

Guest Blogger :: Telika Howard is a Work at Home Mom of five children, specializing in article writing, blogging, editing and technical writing. She also is the published author of two young adult books, Out of the Miry Clay and The Thousand Year Day.

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3 Responses to Gold

  1. Elle says:

    I like this. Different writing style and very cool play on the word and definition of gold.

  2. Thank you very much. God bless

  3. Mom Dukes says:

    Thanks for such an insightful article! God Bless!

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