The Best Decision I Ever Made

What’s the BEST decision you’ve ever made? It can be anything; the sky’s the limit here! Was it the decision you made in kindergarten to have cookies before dinner and you got in trouble? Or what about the decision to stay up til 4AM when you had school the next morning? Or maybe it was the decision you made to wear your regular work shoes to work instead of your new ones because you knew you had to work that double shift and sore heels wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience. “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” -Edison

How many of those “great ideas” have you ever had and they fell through? How many different careers did you see yourself in when you were like 8? And you didn’t do them either. And how many chances have you had the opportunity to do something extravagant, or worthwhile, or life changing and you just…..didn’t or couldn’t??

A lot of things in this world aren’t worthwhile or life changing. And all there is never lasts forever anyway.

But there is one ticket that is always good and it has your name on it and is the MOST life changing experience there is. When your eyes are finally opened to the realization that you are nothing, nothing but a sinner, and there is no good thing that you can do to “win God over” or “buy your way into Heaven” then that’s when you see the light. 

I know that when I see myself the way Christ sees my flesh, it’s enough to move me to my knees and weep. That He would love me as only HE can despite all the hatred in my heart, the complaining I do, the negative view I have towards working sometimes, the impatient attitude I get when things don’t go my way, the words I say when I speak in frustration….despite all that (AND MORE) He still loves me. Psalm 111:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all they who do His commandments; His praise endureth forever.”

When a person first comes to Christ, they experience the same self-realization that other believers do. But what differs from the believer and the unsaved is that while we all may have a bazillion ideas, or wishes or things we want to do that’s worthwhile in life, only the believer has the best, sure-fire, fool-proof idea. The only thing that’s worthwhile in life, is Christ. The only thing that’s TRULY life changing, is His Spirit living inside of us helping us, guiding us, and encouraging us through daily life and struggles. Acceptance of God’s FREE gift to us as sinners who have repented of an old lifestyle and are aspiring to live as loyal, loving subjects under the KING, is the ONLY good idea there is, but it is a decision; a choice that must be made. And only an individual can make that choice for themselves. But the choice to embrace all of God’s love, forgiveness, guidance and discipline is the BEST choice, the WISEST decision & the most delightful and glorious idea anyone can ever make.

Luke 15:7 “In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!” (NLT)

So what’s really the best decision You’ve ever made??

To the KING!!


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2 Responses to The Best Decision I Ever Made

  1. Dad (Campus Security) says:

    I can think of some great decisions I have made in life, and some bad, but Me giving my life to God was the BEST decision I have and will ever make. Love You

  2. Mom Dukes says:

    I say “ditto” to your Dad!

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