Design of a Decade

DesignofaDecadeBehold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward. – Psalm 127:3

Where does the time go? DW is TEN! She’s always asking me if I’m going to write a blog about her. Today I grant her wish. I’m getting glimpses of the days when she will want her privacy and not want me to talk about her so I’ll get it in now…Not that she could ever get me to stop talking about her; there’s so much good material. (smile)

So in honor of my one and only’s tenth birthday I’m going to share some things about her. She may have to look up some of these words, but that’s okay. I’ve never talked down to her, and she’s never been shy about asking me what I mean by what I say. So here goes…

TEN things about DW –

LOYAL. I have fond memories of her fierce loyalty to me. I say fierce because I’ve been in a couple situations in my past when I looked down at this little person who stood not much taller than my knee and she looked ready to throw down and whip someone’s tail if I said, “Let’s Go!” There are few people in whom I’ve seen that level of passion for me. I vividly remember her looking up at a couple people and saying, “This is my mom. You MUST love her.” She truly cares what I think of her and her actions. She looks to me for guidance. That’s why it’s important to me to set a good example for her.

OUTGOING. As far back as I can remember DW has wanted to make friends. We could go anywhere, and she’ll find another child close in age and start talking. Then she’d introduce me to them, “Mommy this is my new friend and their mom. You can be friends too.” Then it’d go something like this:

ME: What’s your friend’s name?

DW: I don’t know.

ME: How can they be your friend if you don’t know their name? That’s the first thing you ask.

DW: *shrugs* I forgot.

She always gets me out of my comfort zone. God gave this introvert an extrovert child for a reason. And I’ve changed. I’m no longer an introvert according the Myers-Briggs test. Wow!

EMPATHETIC. She feels deeply; often deeper than the person actually going through the ordeal. I hope that she’s able to balance her emotions and not get pulled into other people’s stuff, but learn how to help where she can, and point them in the right direction when she cannot. Might be a tall order for a ten year old, but we’ll see how this goes.

CURIOUS. “Question-o-matic,” is her other nickname. She spits questions rapid fire daily. I often have to remind her to slowdown sometimes and wait for the answer to come to her. Some questions can be answered just by observing. And when I say, “I don’t know.” She says, “Ok. Let’s Google it.”

FRIENDLY. DW loves to be around people. I would have to drag her home disappointed from childcare each day because it’s just the two of us. I’d ask her, “I’m not enough?” *blank stare* I still get asked where we’re going next and a disappointed sigh when I say, “home.” I know this seems to be a part of being outgoing, but I just had to point it out again. It bothers me at times to meet children who look right at and perhaps through you, but do not speak. I love that she can and will hold a conversation with just about anyone. We’re working on discerning the appropriate volume and tone when speaking with varying ages.

RESILIENT. I’ve grown up a lot since becoming DW’s mom. She’s rolled right along with me no matter what we’ve gone through together. I’ve had to apologize, more often than I’d care to, for putting her in circumstances she should never have had to go through. She’s been understanding and keeps an optimistic spirit. I pray that my transparency helps her to avoid my past mistakes. She’ll make her own, but at least she knows a mistake doesn’t mean the end. Things can and do get better when we change our behavior.

COURAGEOUS. At a very young age, DW has gotten on stage and spoken or sang into a microphone without fear. She’s not shy at all and despite expressing fear, she loves to perform. I guess I could add to this one TALENTED because not everyone who performs needs to, but she (unlike her mother) has a lovely voice.

EQUITABLE. “What about the little people?” DW has always been concerned with things being fair and others being treated right. She can be quite the little advocate at times. I was really impressed recently when she admitted to participating in bullying. She not only stopped, but started defending someone being bullied. It’s good that she can admit and correct her faults.

FUN. We have a lot of laughs together. Whenever we take downtime, DW calls it a “party.” Someone complained to me once that we celebrate everything, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating even the small and seemingly ordinary moments. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us.

AFFECTIONATE. I didn’t grow up in an affectionate household. It may be a simple and natural thing to her, but it means so much to me that when we walk together she reaches for my hand. As she’s gotten older, I’ve gotten better with giving hugs and kisses. I still roll my eyes when she says, “I love you,” like 5 times before she finally goes to bed.


I love my daughter dearly and want the best for her. Through the times of self-sacrifice, parental guidance, laughter and even disappointments, she’s “my reason.” I look forward to taking the journey through the next decade with her and watching her soar to new heights (including being taller than me. Eeek!!!) ❤


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