He Sure Burst My Bubble

bursting-bubbleI’m sure it sounds strange but as a little girl I thought I knew it all. Maybe that’s not such an accurate description since I have always loved to learn. Perhaps a better way of putting it is that I felt what I knew was all there was to know or that I needed to know. I don’t think there was ever a time in my life that I didn’t feel that way. The people I had in my life were enough, the information I had about life was enough, the experiences I had were enough. But I’ve learned that there’s always MORE. I’m thankful that while thinking I knew everything there was to know, I always remained open to being proven wrong or learning something new.

It is good to be content with where you are, but it is also good to balance that contentment with the desire to press forward keeping in mind that I’m not THERE yet. Life has taught me so many lessons. One of the lessons learned in taking the risk of getting out of my comfort zone as well as embracing discomforting experiences is that the bubble, in which I’ve existed, is not real. Also, life outside of the bubble isn’t a scary place to avoid, but whole new worlds that will grow me in unimaginable refreshing ways.

Here are some examples –

BUBBLE #1 – You can only trust the people that you know.

There was a time when the people I knew, love and trusted were silent and absent during my time of desperate need and confusion. The person who came to my aid was a complete stranger to me. She helped me not based on knowing me, but based on the benevolent spirit that she is and knowing and loving the person who brought me to her.

LESSON LEARNED: Never place expectations and limits on where my help comes from.

BUBBLE #2 – The only way to be happy or successful is the way everyone else does it.

MOREeph320There was a time when I thought that I had to live a certain way to be happy. What I found out was that I had to live a certain way to be accepted by certain people. There is a difference. Some folks are very forthcoming with unsolicited advice on how to live your life and/or what you should be doing. There was a time that I believed being right where I am at that very moment was a place to strive to get away from. You will walk your own path and at times walk a path not yet traveled by others. It is not only allowed but okay to do so AND be happy while you’re at it.

LESSON LEARNED: Never be afraid to walk alone.

BUBBLE #3 – What is true for me today remains the same tomorrow.

jesus-and-the-teddy-bearAs I get older, my understanding changes. The more I trust God, the more knowledge he trusts me with. I’ve learned that this is called “progressive revelation.” Just recently I was thinking about Psalm 37:4 and God giving me the desires of my heart. I’d previously thought about it like this – because I love God he’ll fulfill my wish list. However, I’m finding that the things that I thought I desired, I don’t want anymore. So it’s more like because I seek him, he’s shaping my heart. He’s not fulfilling my wish list, but giving me my wish list. How cool is that? I’m certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that his list for me is WAYYYY better than mine.

LESSON LEARNED: What I know to be true grows in proportion to the capacity at which I’m able to handle and receive it at the time.

BUBBLE #4 – Life is better inside my bubble.

There was a time when I thought that the only good life that truly existed was the one I was living. Sure I had a good time. However, once I traveled, experienced life with people I usually did not interact with (people outside of my current bubble); I found that I was able to have a good time there as well.

LESSON LEARNED: Never assume there is only one way to live and learn.

pathThe Christian life often gets a bad rep for being narrow-minded and boring. Truth is that it has opened up my eyes to a world of living that I had not imagined before. Sure there are some bubble-dwellers associated with Christ, but the Christ I know blazed new trails, took risks and operated outside the box of the society in which he lived.  That’s who I’m following on my road less traveled. Sometimes I feel awkward and like an oddball on my journey, but I carry on.

There is a difference between societal norms and spiritual paths, but the lines become blurred for some. I’m not interested in following the crowd, but God. I’ve stopped saying things that have become cliche without questioning their origin, the messenger, the context and intent. Sometimes I look around for my tribe. They may be on their way. Meanwhile, I’m able to embrace thinking differently because I see what I see and know what I know because I’ve been where I’ve been and am heading in the direction that I’m being led with a trust that few understand. I love to learn and my love of learning is taking me to new places that are shifting my perspective.

Having my bubble burst used to have a negative meaning to me. Today it’s all kinds of wonderful and exciting.

So by all means, Jesus, go ahead and burst more of my bubbles! ❤


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2 Responses to He Sure Burst My Bubble

  1. Rickey says:

    Love this point: “Never be afraid to walk alone.” What I’ve discovered is the closer we get to the God – the smaller our circle will become. To ability to embrace that is most necessary. Thank God for bursting my bubbles. 🙂

    • boldandfab says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. So true that the closer we get to God the smaller our circle becomes. I was just thinking today that I seek advice other than His less and less. C

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