So I Bought a Gym Membership, Now What?

SOooo, a few weeks ago I bought my first gym membership to the Harlem New York Sports Club nearest my apartment. What prompted that, you ask? Well, considering the fact that most of my hobbies revolve around eating, Netflix, and books (sometimes all at once) I figured I needed a more “active” hobby to balance all that awesome R&R. That, and the fact that I legit can’t fit any of my clothes anymore (cue panic attack) is what brought on such radical behavior.

The problem is, I have absolutely NO motivation whatsoever to be in anybody’s gym. There’s probably nothing scarier to an extreme introvert than the idea of publicly and purposely sweating in front of strangers who are probably all judgey and nosey..and well, I’m dramatic, but still. The point remains, I loathe physical activity and therefore haven’t used said gym membership. So now what?

I feel like this is much like when one decides to become a member of a church, or even more generally the body of Christ. It’s like, we reach a point where we know we need to get our spiritual body right, and feel compelled to join a church but then never really activate that membership. How many of you are “members” of a church but don’t actually go consistently? Or even if you do go, how many of you actually exercise while there? You know, like working in a ministry or building strong relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ?

In my case, I realize two things to be true 1. If I don’t have a goal, I’m not motivated and 2. I tend to set really ambitious goals for myself (sometimes too ambitious). Therein were my issues. I had no real specific goal, except for a vague vision of “getting fit”. The same likely holds true for your spiritual fitness. Have you no goals for how you’re truly going to get the most out of your church membership? Perhaps it’s time to start putting some in place. Start small. For me it was just to get to the gym and run on the treadmill twice this week. Easy peasy, right?

Next week maybe I’ll increase that to 3 times, and the following week I suppose I’ll add in some weight training, but the main thing is to DO SOMETHING NOW and not become complacent with just being a couch potato lol.

Most importantly, I’ve already paid the yearly fees and would HATE for my money to go to waste. Is this not also true for us as Christians? Because of Christ, our debt is already paid- IN FULL. It’s up to YOU, however, to really take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a member of the body of Christ. Don’t let it go to waste.

And with that, I’m off to the gym folks. Wish me luck 🙂

-Until next time,



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